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Otto is an AMAZING dog!

Look at those perfect ears!

This good boy was found as a stray and never claimed, unfortunately that is all too common around here.

Why no one was looking for Otto is absolutely beyond me.

He happily greets every human he meets offering cuddles, kisses, and his booty for some scratches.

He keeps his kennel so clean! Never accidents, even when left longer than normal between potty breaks. 

He LOVES treats and will show you all the tricks he knows when you pull put that treat bag. Sit, "Sit Pretty" ( although I haven't found the right word for him to do this when asked he does it on his own almost every time I get th treats out), Shake and "other paw" and lay down.  Its clear Otto was well cared for and in a loving home at some point in his life and whomever owned him before set him up for success teaching him so many things.

One issue he does have is that he pulls on leash really bad and he is so strong! This of course is a very easy thing to correct with training.

Otto has chased some cats but not hurt them, he does seem to want to "stalk" them but responds when told to "leave it" but he is a pitty and the do tend to be a little on the stubborn side sometimes so he usually goes back to the cat stalking soon after being told. I suspect he hadn't been exposed to cats prior to coming to us and is still learning his boundaries. He does not have access to cats 24/7 so we are unsure how he would do living in a home with cats but feel with confident cats that ignore him and don't run or hiss or get worked up when he intrudes they space ( another one of those pitty traits) he can learn to stop annoying them with a little time, desensitizing and training.

Dogs-Otto has met many dogs here and for the most part does well. He isn't a huge fan of other dogs, he is more indifferent. He can coexist with other dogs that just mind their own business and leave him to mind his. He does not like other dogs getting in his face or jumping on him or trying to initiate play. He will growl and try to get away from the situation. He has not offered to bit other dogs when he gets upset with them he just tried to tell them in every way possible that he has a bubble and they should respect it. When a reactive dog got upset with Otto over him growling at them for invading his space the other dog bit but Otto did not bite back he instead retreated as far and as fast as he could, he doesn't want any trouble he just wants to be left alone to do his thing.

Otto has been so good with all the humans he has met even total strangers. He just wants attention and to play.

Due to his breed mix, for his safety and our peace of mind, we will require a fenced yard for Otto. A physical fence, no electric fences. No exceptions.

He is going to make an amazing companion for someone!

  • Terrier - American Pit Bull & Mix
  • Male
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months)My DoB is 01/01/2019 (Estimated)
  • 61 - 70 Pounds
  • Indiana
  • Chestnut & White
  • Happy
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
  • Not Tested With Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • I'm Currently In Training
  • $250.00
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