I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Rio has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

For all of the Rio fans! ⬇️

Rio has come such a long way since he first arrived!

We have been trying hard to get him past some of his difficult behaviors and here is a little update on him!

Rio recently stayed in a trusted foster home for a few days that had young kiddos and they reported he did amazing!
Rio used to have an issue sharing so we had a “no kids” label on him since kids can sometimes be unpredictable, but with time Rio has learned to share and enjoys playing with kids, although he can be kind of a lot of energy for some really tiny kids.

We had a “no cats” label on Rio for a long time because he was very over the top interested in them and chased them relentlessly.
With time he has gotten used to being around cats and they are a little less interesting now.
He does still chase some cats, he would be best in a home with a confident cat or two that don’t spook easily.

We have had a “no dogs” label on Rio because he used to get extremely over stimulated around other dogs and inadvertently lead to scuffles, basically he just annoyed the bejesus out of other dogs to the point they would get upset with him.
He has not gotten totally over that but he has gotten somewhat better and he may be able to live with another silly, easy going dog that doesn’t get annoyed by rude intrusive behavior. Rio just doesn’t know personal space with other dogs or when to back off.

We also had a “fenced yard” requirement for Rio that we feel confident we can now lift!
We have worked with him a lot on his off leash and recall and he has gotten sooo much better!
He can now be off leash with his people and not run away (once he’s familiar with his people and surroundings of course).
He actually comes when called now instead of pretending he can’t hear!
This is a huge step because half the time he would completely ignore and the other half he would play the “chase me” game.
After many months we have him coming when called and not bolting when off leash 🙌

Rio does still have an issue of “door darting” which is very trainable.
When he does dart he stays close and can be easily called back, he loves car rides and to go bye bye so his excitement gets the best of him thinking he gets to go.

Rio is a super smart dog and so trainable with consistency.

Now that we have some of his major behavioral issues sorted out he is ready to start the hunt for a home from scratch!

Things Rio still needs work with are potty training. Although with a schedule we think he will do great, he does still have accidents here.

Crate training, he barks a lot in his crate. He needs work still on this but that is also trainable.

He will need some basic house manners training as well.

Unfortunately I am not a trainer and just do my best to help the dogs that come through with what I know.

We would love to send every dog to board and train but we just don’t get enough donations to afford that. So sometimes like in Rios case they just take some time to learn.

If you are interested in learning more or meeting Rio please private message!
If you applied for Rio in the past but he wasn’t the right fit then, feel free to reach out, he really has come a long way!

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